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Does ACD Sports ship to other countries?
Yes we do!
How much does it cost to ship to my country?
The shipping rates are based on the total weight of your package, your address and which shipping method you choose.  After you select your items and enter your address, the next page will show you the UPS rates.  You can click on the USPS button to see the Express Mail & Priority Mail rates.
How long will shipping take?
UPS is quick and most expensive - it takes about 2-3 days once we get your order ready.
USPS Express Mail is about half the price of UPS - it takes about 5-7 days once we get your order ready
USPS Priority Mail is a little bit less but very unreliable - we have seen these packages take more than 30 days
Are there any extra fees?
Your country may charge some sort of import fees, customs, duties, taxes, etc.  Usually there isn't any fees for 1 outfit.  Some countries allow up to $1000 at a time to be imported without any fees, other countries like the UK may charge you for a small box.  You can check with your local customs office before you buy if you have questions.  Your country will have the UPS driver or the postal carrier collect any fees - these are not extra shipping charges, but fees that your country charges, so please don't yell at your delivery person.  :)
What if I have a deadline - will my package make it in time?
Please, please, let us know when your deadline is and we will be happy to tell you whether or not we can meet your deadline.  Always remember that delays can happen unexpectedly with weather or going through customs, so order as early as possible to keep us all stress-free.
We are ordering for an entire team or cast - how much will shipping be to our country?
If you are ordering several outfits, it may take 2-3 heavy boxes.  Depending on where you are and the total amount of your order, you can figure 10-15% of your order for shipping.  You can email with a list of what you plan on ordering and get an estimate.  Sometimes we can work out a discount on shipping large orders.
What are some sample shipping prices for one outfit sent overseas?
UPS - $75          USPS Express Mail - $40         USPS Priority Mail - $30
How do we pay for our orders?
We offer 3 checkout options - we are not trying to be confusing, it's just that some customers like using certain payment programs.
PayPal:  pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card
Google:  not available for international customers yet - do not use!
Checkout Now:  pay with Visa or MasterCard
If you need to pay with a Wire Transfer from your bank to ours, please contact us first for more information.
To find out how much it costs in your currency, use this currency converter.  Plug in the amount of your order & shipping on the left side and choose US Dollars, then choose your currency on the right hand column.
Any other questions?  Please email   Thanks again for shopping with ACD Sports!
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