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High School Musical Costumes from ACD SPORTS - we are the original supplier of HSM costumes - cheaper than renting!
ACD SPORTS is the main supplier of High School Musical costumes to theatres and schools worldwide who are putting on the stage productions of High School Musical.   

We use only high quality, real athletic and cheer uniforms, not flimsy Halloween type costumes.  Our basketball and cheerleading outfits are fresh, brand new, affordable, fast and in most cases, cheaper than renting.  You can order your costumes in plenty of time to do promotional activities to advertise your production, as well as doing any alterations.  No deadlines or penalties that may cost you in rental contracts.
We would love to help your group by providing the costumes for your production.  Once you purchase from us, we guarantee that your costumes will be the least stressful part of your entire production!  We have never missed a deadline and we have shipped all over the world.  Our goal is to make you look good and keep you stress-free!  We are very good at what we do - we are the experts!
We also understand if you are dealing with a limited budget in this economy.  Because we also sell team and cheer uniforms to schools, we have a wide variety of alternatives if you see a less expensive outfit on our site that you would like us to decorate with the WILDCATS lettering, just email us and we will work out pricing for you.  
We have rescued many schools and theatre groups that have attempted to save money by going with another company and either ended up with outfits that didn't look anything like the ones in the movies, rented costumes that didn't make it in time for the show or that had contracts with too many hidden fees, had costume directors quit because this show has too many outfits to deal with, or placed orders for cheaper outfits that weren't delivered in time.  It's easier if you just come to us first!  :)
We promise to give your group exceptional customer service.  We promise to meet your deadlines and if you are rushing with an extremely tight deadline, just let us know and we will be honest with you as to what we can provide to make your cast look fabulous.  We know our business and we know what you need and we promise to help you put on a fantastic show!
International customers:  Yes, we ship worldwide!  If you are buying for an entire cast, we ship via UPS.  If you are only buying a few items and aren't in a rush, USPS Express Mail is a good alternative.  Your country may charge you some sort of import customs/duties/taxes on your package, which your UPS driver or postal carrier will collect when they deliver your package.
Thanks for checking out our web site for your High School Musical outfits.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly.
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