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Help with the Shopping Cart and Checkout!
If you are an international customer and getting a message that we don't ship to your country,
here are some reasons why that error may be occurring:
GoogleCheckout only is for US customers - try using Checkout Now or PayPal instead
You may be choosing a shipping option that isn't available for your country - try UPS or USPS instead.
If you still have trouble, please contact us at or 949-713-6595.
If you are placing a large group order and would like to split your payment in two, we'd be happy to help you with that.
Complete your order as indicated below and we will email you 2 invoices from PayPal that will let you pay for your order in 2 payments.
This is a great option if you want to put your order on 2 different credit cards or if you are waiting for sponsor money to come in.
This will help you get your order entered quicker and reduce the chance of backorders.  We will be able to
get your sizes ordered with your first payment and will start printing as soon as we receive the second payment.
Choose "Checkout"
Enter your shipping infomation
For Payment Choice - choose "Account Number"
In the Purchase Order Number box - enter SPLIT PAYMENT
As soon as you place your order, we will email you two invoices from PayPal.
You can then pay them with any credit card and they will be instantly credited to your order.
If your school requires a Purchase Order, we are happy to fax an invoice to your school treasurer,
however, we cannot start your order until we receive full payment.  Most schools mail checks at the time of the order
or a teacher/principal/parent will use their credit card and we will send a paid receipt so they can be reimbursed by the school.
To start the process, in the notes section enter "Fax invoice to Mrs. Smith at 123-555-5555"
For payment choice choose "Account Number"
Enter your PO # in the box
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