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Where can I get cheerleading uniforms?  Which cheer company offers the best customer service?   Contact ACD Sports!  800-292-5931

Are you a new cheerleading coach who just got handed a roster of new cheerleaders, a schedule of games and practices and then were told to find the girls their uniforms?  In 2 weeks?  Or 1? 
Not a problem!  We've been helping cheer coaches and youth organizations get their girls dressed quickly for over 28 years.  We know which outfits work best, look nicest, last longest and most importantly, can get to you quickly.  And if by the remotest chance that another recreation center or youth football league comes in and buys out all your sizes in the color you wanted, we promise to have a plan B in mind for you so you don't have to search online for days and days.
Here at ACD CHEER, part of ACD SPORTS, we are very picky about the items we offer.  We used to be cheer coaches and Booster presidents ourselves.  We know what parents want and what the kids want and we know you are in a challenging spot!  We hear stories all the time about parents who bully coaches to make them try to find items or colors that just aren't available anywhere in the quick time you need to get your items.  No companies can rush this time of year - they are swamped with all the back to school business and fall sports.
Just so you know, most cheerleading uniforms take 10-12 weeks.  Schools and competitive cheer gyms order them in the spring, right after tryouts.  Then there are other cheer companies who order large batches of cheer uniforms from overseas and hope that they have the right sizes and colors in the fall when coaches start ordering - they may not tell you that they are waiting for your items to come in from overseas until weeks after you expect your order to be delivered.
We don't do business like that.  We know it's a fact of life that certain colors/sizes/styles will sell out throughout the year, but we let you know right away!  And when we let you know, we give you alternatives so you can still get your squad dressed in time.  We will find another color or style or even manufacturer if necessary.  We don't want you to stress out and deal with impatient parents every week.
What we have done is put all of our fastest shipping cheerleading uniforms and top selling accessories like poms, briefs, socks, crop tops, etc,  in this section:  You can also get to it by clicking on Cheer & Dance
And even better, we have cheerleading outfit packages or spirit packs together in this section: 
You may want some other items with your package, just email to find out pricing if you can't find them on our site.
We've sorted our cheer items in several categories.  You can look in the manufacturer's cateory or by the type of item.  If you're in the in-stock shells & skirts section, you can mix and match as long as you are with the same manufacturer.  On each description, we also give our recommendation on which skirts look best with which shells.  You can see which colors are available for each item by looking at the drop down color list on each page.  We have more colors in stock than you'll see from any other company.  On the skirts, we list the extra items you may want and the prices - all of these particular items ship very quickly.
What about cheer lettering?  ACD Sports does cheer lettering much faster than any other company!  In most cases, we can have your cheer uniforms finished with twill lettering in just 5 business days!  With new technologies in the lettering industry, we don't have to wait 4-5 weeks for lettering to be sewn on.  Now cheer lettering is made to be quickly and permanently applied right to the shell in one easy step.

What happens if your group has a unique color that is one of the few colors not in stock, like Texas Orange or Cardinal or Kelly Green?  All uniforms come in black and white and we do have one skirt and one shell that come in all white.  We can get your lettering done in the special color and order your poms in that color.  Contact us for details, we're happy to help!
So, what do we suggest you do?  You can print your own catalog or favorite uniforms if you need to take to the next meeting...
#1 Print out the Cheer Package category page - that gives you something to take to your parents/co-coaches/girls to see which ones they like best
#2 Print out the specific uniform pages, make sure the manufacturer is the same for best color matching.
#3 Print out the twill lettering page.  You can show your other coaches or parents and take a vote as to which ones you want to order. 
#4 Once you decide on your uniform, print out that page, which should include the sizing chart.  Measure each girl's chest and waist to determine sizing.  If you don't need your uniforms for 3-4 weeks, you have time to order one of each size that you need so you can try them on.  
#5 After you decide what other accessories you want, come up with a total for each girl and collect the money.  

Ordering online is fastest for us, but we are more than happy to take your order over the phone too.  As for sizing, the size charts are listed on each page and for best fit, you should measure the girls chest and waist.  The tops don't stretch, so you may want to bump up a size to be sure they fit at the end of your season too.  The skirts have an elastic waist so they fit nicely on all the girls and leave a little growing room.  Also, on the size chart we show what approximate store size each piece fits, in case you can't get all the measurements.
Hope that helps - we want you to feel confident that ACD SPORTS is here to help you make your parents happy and your girls look great.  We want your girls dressed quickly so they can have the most fun being a cheerleader this season.  And we want them to have cute outfits and nice poms like the big girls use - after all, that's why many of them are cheerleaders!  We have done this for over 20 years.  We started this business when we had 350 girls sign up for a community cheer group and had to figure out what they should wear.  We've learned a lot over the years and we've helped squads who waited and waited and never got the uniforms they ordered from other companies.  We have dressed squads, teams and casts all over the world and got everyone their outfits in time because we only promise what we can deliver and if we see a delay, we come up with alternatives for you immediately. 
Enjoy shopping for your cheer uniforms - we hope you'll choose ACD SPORTS this year - we'd love to help you out!   800-292-5931

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