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Embroidery Set Up - Digitizing Your Logo


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Price: $50.00
Item Number: EMB-DIG
Manufacturer: ACD SPORTS
Manufacturer Part No: EMB-DIG
Allow 3-5 days for logo to be digitized
Embroidery Digitizing

What is digitizing?  It's taking your official logo that is in some sort of a print file and changing it to a stitch file.  Our embroidery machines will be able to read the digitized stitch file and know which colors and stitches to use to create your beautiful logo on your items.  

Once your logo is digitized, we will be able to tell you how much it will cost to stitch each item.  In general, most cap size logos and left chest logos average about $10 per item.  If your logo is larger than most and more complex with more stitches, it may be $2-5 more.  A puff logo will run $12-15.  A full back logo may be $30-50.

Email your logo(s) to  We accept pdf, png and jpg files.

Your embroidery can use multiple colors, cost doesn't change based on number of colors.

Digitizing Prices:
Left Chest logo (most common) - $50
Cap logo - $50  (caps are digitized differently due to the curve)
Do same logo for left chest and cap - add $25 (save $25)
Cap logo using Puff - $60
Full Back Logo - $150

You must be an authorized representative or owner of your company to order embroidered items.  We cannot sell branded company workwear without express permission.

Once we get your order and logo, we'll email you back with more info about items that you can order to have embroidered.

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