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Cheer Balls Metallic Solid Color Wide Strand No Handle Poms

Wide Strand Metallic Cheer Balls


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Price: $5.95
Item Number: 63530-038
Manufacturer: Pompon Central
Manufacturer Part No: 63530-038
Cheer Balls are poms with no handles - the strands are held together with a strong wire clip.  The strand length is the total diameter - when poms lay flat, they measure 10"or 14" from end to end with the clip in the middle.  The metallic wide strand cheer balls have 384 3/4" wide strands.
These come packed flat in the box and will need to be fluffed.  Minimum order is 12 cheer balls, which is enough for 6 cheerleaders.  Sold by the piece, not pair.
Cheer Balls are a great alternative to real poms for practice poms or for youth groups on a budget who still want the flash of metallic poms.  The girls hold on to the strands when they cheer.  Made by the same companies who produce the high priced poms.
Strands: 10" or 14" in diameter 3/4" wide metallic
Color: 1 Color
Handle: None
Ship Time: 7-10 days
Pre-fluffed: No, packed flat
Minimum: 12 cheer balls
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